Appreciated Boundaries


I have normal boundaries and boundaries that are Aurora Pearl specific. 


  • Respect: I am very appreciative of people that respect my boundaries, myself, and my incall. I make it a habit of showing my appreciation by my warmth, and genuineness. 
  • Discretion: Do not tell others where my incall is located, of course. This is for everyone's safety, and discretion.
  • Hygiene: There is a shower and mouthwash at my incall. If you need it, please use it within the scheduled time. My roommate or I may have plans afterwards. 
  • No vulgarity: Any references to any illegal transactions or activities during initial correspondence (or our engagement) will result in a prompt end to our communication and time together.
  • YMMV: I do not use an exact template for our sessions. 
  • On time: Please be on time. 
  • Cancelling: If you need to cancel our appointment, please do so as quickly as you can. 

AP Specific:

  • Checking in: Please check in a day before our session. This lets me know that you haven't forgotten our session. 
  • Donations/Gifts: Please leave any gifts or donations by the sink in the bathroom. It would make our experience more gratifying and organic if there was no mention of the donation/gift and where it was located. If you wish for me to wear/use/eat/enjoy within the session please either leave it on the chaise within the entry area, or on the table in the kitchen. Thank you!
  • Screening: I only screen via references from well established providers. The longer you're in this industry the more sense of character you will have. This helps me stay safe, and comfortable. When I feel safe and comfortable, I'm a fun-loving lady. 
  • Phone calls: I do not answer phone calls. I prefer communication via email the most, but I can communicate via text if you need to. 
  • Extending time: Feel free to ask me to extend the time at any point during our session. I may need to view my schedule and adjust it accordingly, if possible. 
  • 2 message system: For safety and discretion reasons, I use a 2 message system. 
  • Fetish types of sessions: I would need at least a business day's notice so that I can gather the materials for our session, if needed. I do not do BDSM, or participate in unsafe/harmful/painful practices. These are for "light ones" (tickling, wardrobe, feet, role play, and so on).  I highly recommend having a date session, or a massage session, and spending the last 10 minutes on discussing possible options for a future light fetish session. We may need more time depending on how intricate the fetish session may be. My sessions tend to go at your pace, so please let me know that you would like to talk about a future fetish session at the end of our session when scheduling.